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              ALT(Jiangsu) Industrial Co.,Ltd.was founded in August 2003, which has been occupied in R&D and production of dynamic transmission system. Headquarter is located in Baoying County Economic Development Zone with investment capital of 180 million Yuan and occupied area of 68000. Besides, it is the non-public scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu Province and national new high-tech enterprise. 

              In February 2014, to better serve the overseas clients, the company invested 4 million dollars and registered the ALT American company in Detroit named as ALT America Inc. 

              The two R&D centers of ALT in China and America have been always concentrating on research of gear train products and coordinating with multiple global main engine plants to develop the dynamical system. Thus, the company has won many invention patents in domestic and overseas. 

              Rich product lines, delicate products, excellent team, steady supply chains and excelsior spirits of ALT company make us become the first choice for customization in multiple international high-end brands.